In 2009 Stichting Born Digital was founded as a creative label for new media artists. Today the foundation is organized by Koenraad van Lier (chief), Martin Boverhof (secretary) and Martin Oosterveld (finance). The main objective of the organization is to share creative work, knowledge and ideas in the field of digital art, by artists working apart and together. The outcomes are presented at a myriad of festivals, events, exhibitions and workshops. The core of Born Digital consists of an assembly of artists, each with his or her own specific expertise and signature. Use this page to discover more about that yourself.

After already some years of creative collaboration and friendship Born Digital as a label took off in 2008 when Koenraad van Lier, Martin Boverhof, Roy Gerritsen and Bas Klompmaker shared a studio at de Broederij, in the charming Jacob van Ruysdaelstraat in Utrecht. The first project under the Born Digital monniker was to establish a Multimedia Lounge - consisting of an interactive exhibition & performances - at the classy grand cafe Winkel van Sinkel on a sunday afternoon late october. Many other projects followed….